Luxurious Spa Experience in Cuenca

I’ve been to hot spring spas before, but none of them compare to Piedra de Agua in Cuenca (high praise, trust me). Where else can you have your own private attendant guide you through 6+ spa experiences including a blue mud pool, red mud pool, underground hot & ice-cold baths, steam boxes, Turkish baths, and many hot spring pools only for $35?

Kevin and I took a short taxi ride to the far west side of Cuenca, in what is known as Baños de Cuenca. Note that there are actually several hot spring spas within this area, however, the most highly recommended spa is Piedra de Agua.

We were blown away by the clean and modern facilities, friendliness of our attendant, variety of spa experiences available, and the overall opportunity to be pampered in such a beautiful location. Everything was so luxurious, a comparative experience in California would be hundreds & hundreds of dollars. Our only regret is not having enough time to go back for round two!

A few tips:

  • Although still inexpensive compared to prices in the United States, check out the Promotions page on their website for when they have 2 x 1 deals!
  • Feel free to let your attendant know if you’d like pictures taken. I almost left my phone in the locker (because I didn’t want it to get wet), but our attendant let us know she can take care of it during our stay and always asked if we wanted her to take pictures!
  • After you’re done with the “spa circuit”, you can go back and try any of the spas (just ask your attendant) but the real hidden gem is the Japanese-style onsen bath behind the restrooms.
  • The on-site restaurant has food & drinks available, but don’t forget to drink a lot of water. After steaming & bathing, you’ll be dehydrated!
  • Don’t forget to tip your attendant! 🙂

How to Get There:

Piedra de Agua Hot Springs & Spa

Paseo de la Guadalupana s/n, Calle 1 de Septiembre, Cuenca, Ecuador

  • You can take bus lines 100 or 12. Disembark at the Agapantos Hosteria stop and follow the signs for Piedra de Agua.
  • Most taxis will know Piedra de Agua or Agapantos Hosteria (close to entrance). Approximate cost of taxi is $5 USD. Note that the staff will kindly ask you if you’d like them to call a taxi for you after you’re done!
Steam boxes!

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