Guide to Devil’s Nose Train and Alausi

Riding the Devil’s Nose train in Ecuador is consistently thrown around in conversation as one of the country’s top things to do. Locals and travelers alike have recommended it to us, and for that reason (also because I love trains), I knew we had to do it. Let’s conveniently ignore the logistics of what/how/where (as I did) for now— we’ll get into that later.

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Why Uber Has Changed The Latin American Travel Experience

When we decide where to travel to next, one of my top considerations is whether that location has Uber.  If you are a foreigner traveling in Latin America, it is hard for me to stress Uber’s advantages enough, and once you are used to it, the frustration of not having it available.  Uber, while very useful in the United States or your home country, is infinitely more useful once you are a traveler in Latin America.

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Pulque: The Drink of the Aztec Gods

Mango pulque, starwberry pulque, and natural pulque

When you think of Mexican alcohol, what comes to mind?  Maybe a very light lager made for sipping on a hot summer day.  Or maybe something a little stronger, like tequila.  Or maybe even mezcal, tequila’s smokier cousin.  If you are a drinker, you will want to enjoy all of these things during your stay in Mexico City.  But none of these are probably difficult to find, in one form or another, in your home country.  If you want a truly unique central Mexican drinking experience that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, you should try pulque.

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La Piedra de Guatape

Kevin at the top

About 80 kilometers to the east of Medellin lies the town of Guatape, a small resort town frequented by paisas on weekends.  Guatape sits on the edge of a giant lake that formed after the installation of a hydroelectric dam. The lake is popular for jet skiing, fishing, and boating.  Guatape itself is a great weekend getaway if you are staying for an extended period in Medellin.

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